Monday, November 8, 2010

Fuzzy Wuzzy.

Before I knew it my 'la-te-da,' time here has turned quickly into a to a blur of time. Where has it gone?

I have yet to update my fellow blog followers of many of my recent escapades. I was able to go to Turkey for 10 days with my classmates. We went places I didn't even know existed, places that couldn't have been created more perfectly in my day-dreamer mind.

Cappadocia and Pamukala: Don't they sound like magical places far far away? Well, they are.

Most of my time was spent in Selcuck Turkey where we were able to explore the towns filled with restaurants and shopping. The currency the lere is worth hardly anything at all, with this in mind it was easy to get carried away with shopping. The food was interesting, yummy I suppose, but it didn't sit well with my stomach. Yuck I know.

Cappadocia: A land made of huge stalagmites with houses hidden in the crevasses. We went to Gorme open air museum where we discovered churches adorned with early paintings of Christianity. This community of around 400-800 people lived and worshipped in this area, hidden from any enemies that would try to take over and eradicate the religion. As a Christian it was very moving to see some of the original first depictions of Mary, Jesus and their followers painted inside a cave.

Pamukale: It stands for land of cotton castles. As you drive up to this, pardon my repetition, magical land it looks like a snow covered mountain. You soon discover that the mountain is made up of calcium which gives it it's white luster. You take off your shoes so you are able to hike up this unique peice of earth to find hot and pure crystal blue pools of water that welcome swimmers. At the top of the cotton castle lies ruins of a once thriving city 'Pamukala.'

We saw the whirling dervish dancers at a Turkish night celebration one night and my hotel room was in a cave. Turkey was a wonderland, beauty around every corner.

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  1. Were the pools atop Pamukale's mountain filled with cyanobacteria?! I bet it was great to swim with some of the earliest life forms...

    Awaiting the next entry!