Thursday, October 14, 2010


Not to be all 'cliff' this 'cliff' that but when we took a day trip to Anti-Paros I was able to see more cliffs, and more of the wondrous Greece. The quick 5 minute ferry boat ride took the group and I to Anti-Paros, which is known for it's underground and sea caves. We took a bus to an underground cave, *Cave of Anti-Paros, which was decorated with huge stalagmites. The stalagmite that welcomed you at the entrance dates back 45 million years. The cave was also 60% humidity, and although I don't know what a standard day in Michigan is, the cave was very, very hot and sticky.

After the Cave Of Anti-Paros we ate at a little taverna, where I got small fried fish, and we went on a boat that took us to see some of the sea caves Anti-Paros is known for. I took my newly learned skill of diving and dove into the crystal clear sea. I swam under and near some of the largest sea caves I have ever seen.

When something awkward and wierd happens to me, I feel as if I should tell people about it because I want them to feel a bit of awkwardness that I felt. . .I know, I am so nice. . .OKay, so the skipper was a male around 50 years old with absolutely no reservations and while we were all getting ready to get into the water the skipper had to change into his suit. . . he dropped his skivvies right in front of me! Ouch.

Yaa Saas

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