Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Piece of My Heart

When I love something, I really love it. I don't have many 'favorites,' but the ones I do have are my love, love, love all the time favorites. I don't have a favorite band, or food, type of music, TV show, etc... But anyone who knows me is aware of my favorite color. I don't pretend I have an extreme affinity towards a certain type of food, or music, because I don't. My soul just doesn't work that way. Maybe it's because I know that I can only handle loving a few things because when I love them I love them so much. Keep in mind I don't associate this 'love thing' with people....because I love and care for a lot of people.

I have enjoyed every island I have been to so far, and before our trip to Naxos I would not have had a favorite. But Naxos and it's charm stole my heart. And I can't really tell you exactly why. It may have been the windy weather turning the water and beautifully cold and dark blue as it crashed upon the rocks.

It could also have been that it was just slightly different from the other Greek island I have been blessed to travel to. Instead of all of the buildings washed in white, Naxos has this paired with brown, beautiful rocky buildings. The history that lies in Naxos is also very interesting. The gate of Apollo is here and this is also where Zues is said to have grown up (King of gods). We visited the gate of Apollo as well as the temple of Demeter. The temple of Demeter was built in the 6th century, Demeter was the grain goddess. Naxos is considered the largest and most fertile islands in the Cyclades. When I was walking around the island it felt more fresh, I could smell the leaves in the air, I could see green grass and an abundance of fruitful trees. This is unlike the other islands, where you don't see many plants this time of year. Most of the plants I see are tended to by their owners on a front step in a pot.

We stayed here for 1 night, 2 days. The first day we explored and the second day we took a bus tour. The first night for dinner we went out and ate, get this, Mexican. They had a very famous Mexican spot. And oh my, it was good. I had a quesadilla, which I have been missing it was well worth the 11 euro. We all felt a little funny eating Mexican food in Greece but this guilt quickly subsided when we took our first bite. We were overwhelmed with happiness. Not to be taken lightly.

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  1. Sounds absolutely fantastic. I love your love for this island and all that it means to your soul. I know you said that this love and "favorites" don't apply to people...but deep down I know you realize that I am the exception. And that's okay, because you're my exception too. That's why we're best friends. Til the wheels fall off.