Sunday, September 19, 2010


I set foot in sacred land today: The island of Delos

The birthplace of Artemis (goddess of the hunt) and Apollo (god of healing, reason and light)- Born to Leto, who was one of the many women Zeus managed to seduce.

A long time ago the people of Athens decided that to properly worship the Gods the island must be pure. In order for the island to be pure. It was ordered that all the graves be dug up and moved off the land (6th century BC-5th century). Also, no one can die or give birth there! If you are pregnant, don't plan to visit Delos- you won't be allowed! No one lives here, it is simply a sacred island filled with amazing ruins. You can get refreshments at a tiny shop, and you can also go to the bathroom (thank goodness). . . but don't plan on much other than seeing ruins that were build about 3,000 years ago. . . breath. . . taking.

Although most of it is now ruins the former beauty can be imagined. We started the adventure with with a hike up Mt. Kinthos. Mt. Kinthos is where the earliest settlements were found on the island, dating back to 3rd Millennium BC. When I finally finished the 15-20 minute walk up the mountain I was awestruck with its beauty. It is believed that Homer wrote up upon that mountain, and I can see why, it is filled with inspiration.

Delos is one of the hottest places in the world. And I can attest to that!

We also went to Mykonos. It was another beautiful island of the Cyclades; Windmills, shopping, and it is also a gay-friendly community. I didn't buy anything here, it was very pricey. The food is also expensive. If you come here expect to pay a pretty penny for everything. Still, nonetheless, BEAUTIFUL.

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  1. Awesome narrative. Finally following your blog. I can almost feel myself at all the sites you are describing!