Saturday, September 11, 2010

Santorini isn't Teeny.

We all know the name : Santorini. We think of large picturesque white washed buildings, and donkeys. - - Coming to Santorini I had this same vision, but it is so much more.

The beauty of Santorini is unlike the other islands because of the way it was created. All the villages are situated at the tip-top of the high cliffs. To get up to your destination you get off the Ferry and take a bus up steeeeeeep and narrow roads, or you can take a cable car. We took the bus. I think both options would be scary.

We had a reservation at St. George Pension in Perissa, Santorini. We took the bus, had to make a couple transfers and finally arrived in Perissa. We walked with our luggage in hand for about 30 minutes. We thought we were lost, we were sweating and obviously had no idea where we were going. When you ask some one for directions they usually tell you 'Oh, it's only about 10 more minutes.' I have learned not to listen. Greeks have such a different concept of time, 10 minutes usually means an hour. Ugh. We finally asked a restaurant to call the Pension, and have them pick us up. At that point, on foot, we were about 5 minutes away. . . Oh well we still got a ride. When we got there we realized it was not what we expected. After a 2 hour ferry boat ride, and another treacherous hour climb up and around a mountain you just want a nice place to lay down and cry :) When we showed us our room, this was not the oasis we were looking for. We found another place that suited our needs, and after we checked in we ate the best meal ever, and then I got a massage on the black beach of Perissa. A dream perhaps?

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  1. a massage on the beach sounds so so wonderful! I love hearing your dream stories.