Monday, September 13, 2010

Small Road, HUGE Bus.

We took a bus tour around Paros so we could all get a better view of the island. We got on the bus and stopped at 4 different places.

We went to a beach called Kolibithres, which was absolutely beautiful. The rocks were amazing to photograph, and to see. They were incredibly smooth. We stayed for a short half hour looking around and enjoying the view.

Naussa: Coming to Naussa was a totally different experience than the last time I came here. There is always so much to see and do. This village has the largest fishing port in Paros. Last time I was here I was with my mom, so I was a bit sad. Miss you mom!

Lefkes: A village high up on the mountains, that from what I could tell wasn't filled with many tourists. We went to a large cemetery that had more people in it than the town itself. In their tomb and headstone area they adorn it with Olive Oils, and other things that meant something to that person. It was a moving experience.

We then went to a beach called Piso Livadi. It was stunning, you could see islands off in the distance, and the water (like everywhere) was crystal clear.

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