Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ferry Ferry Quite Contrary

After dinner with the Petrides we took the bus to the Port in Athens to set sail to Paros (where I will be staying in Greece). Unfortunatly, we missed it and had to wait for the next one to come along two hours from then. We had originally planned on arriving at the dark hour of 10:30 pm, but with the hour delay and the slow ferry we set in at an even darker hour of 1:30 am. We took a taxi ride to the cozy Marinos Hotel, and had a wonderful nights sleep.

The next day we spent it on the beach. All the beaches are lovely and adorned with cabanas and chairs. We relaxed and enjoyed the sun. Then I decided to treat myself to a smoothie, little did I know that it would be 9 Euros! I enjoyed it very much, but this seemed a little pricey. After the beach we shopped and dined. All the stores and resturants are arranged beautifully along the Sea. We would walk, sit and watch the fishermen make their nets, listen to the beautiful language of Greek spoken by all- what a wonderful life.

Oompa! How could I forget I had my first REAL, authentic Gyro that day in Paros?! Yum, yum and a little more yum.

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  1. First Gyro! How did it compare to our gyros in GR?