Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A walk on the Sea Line brings me to Class.

Classes have begun! Regardless if this time feels like school or not, the homework is slowly piling up. The teachers are phenomenal, and the class sizes are smaller than I have ever experienced. Most are only 6-9 people. And my largest is 14 people. My classes are painting, inter-related media, digital photography, and historical sites. I will also sit in on Greek and learn a bit of the language. Next week we will also have yoga class as an option in the early morning. I plan on going to this. . . and am very excited for the 1 1/2 hours of relaxation and exercise.

This whole time I feel as if I have been living a dream. These past couple mornings have been rough getting up, but when I do get up I go running for 20 minutes or so then take a swim in the Sea, and then run back. Sounds dream-like doesn't it? The Greeks close everything down from the hours of 3-6. This is time of Siesta. It's so hot during these hours they just close things down and take a little snooze. This, for me, is also dream-like. I mean, you are almost 'forced' to take a nap. It's bliss.

My cozy little room is about a 3 minute walk to the shoreline, and all the girls in class are here as well. Most often during class breaks we are able to go lay on the beach.

This weekend (Sunday) we are going to Delos/Mykonos. During our excursions the professors teach. Honestly tho, when I hear the word 'teach' I feel as if 'boring' goes right along with it. This is not the case, however, here in Greece. The history here is unsurpassed. You are walking on Ancient marble grounds, you want to know who once walked here, what type of wars took place, and so on.

For example when I we
nt to the Panathinaiko Stadium (Olympic Stadium, 2004) in Athens. This was one of my favorite experiences thus far. They gave us headphones and as we walked we were instructed to push certain numbers, and it would tell us about that part of the stadium. The tunnel was remarkable. We walked to the end of the tunnel and then we instructed to walk back out. Long. long ago it was made of wood, through time it was refurbished to marble (329 BC). In 1870,1875, 1896 and 2004 the Olympic games were held here, refurbished to accommodate the spectators. I walked down the same tunnel that Greek Athletes came down to celebrate their homecomings. The same tunnel Olympians went down years before. As the headphones radiated with sounds of cheers you imagined yourself as an Olympian, the stadium filled. . . cheering for you.

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  1. I wish I could join you in your dream! Have fun on your excursion this weekend, how amazing that everything is how you imagined it would be. Can you add pictures of your cozy room? And perhaps the beautiful sea you take your dips in?