Friday, September 3, 2010

Greece Conquers the Bohn's

My mom was reunited with her friend from high school, Mary Petrides at the airport and soon we would be conquering Athens, or maybe I should say it was conquering us. We ran into a bit of troubles when us two Americans were on our own. It all started when mom feel in the street because she didn’t see a pole. We then had to catch the Metro to meet up with Mary. To make a long story short I thought (paranoid me) that we were being followed by a man, I also could not locate the sign so I was unsure that we were getting on the right train. When I finally decided to get on we were a bit too late. I quickly got on, but my mom was another story. The doors shut too soon and caught her suitcase. I attempted to use my super strength to open the automatic doors, but it was no good. Oh no! Mom’s suitcase! Oh no! All her belongings were hanging out of the large train. She had just barely a grip on the handle and the rest would be ripped from her hand if she didn’t move fast. Fortunately some strong Greek man tried to manually help me open the door before it started moving. His muscles must have been bigger than mine because he propped the door open. When the door finally flew open so did my mom. She went flying right onto her back. When she and her valuables were finally in the train it started full speed and she again, got pushed around by the momentum. Remember, this was all in a span of seconds! But we made it! The whole train erupted in laughter, and so did I. Ahh, the metro.

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  1. hahahhaaha I love picturing this story in my head. Isn't it great that falling on your butt is universally funny?